It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, harbor or confine any livestock or type of fowl in any building, structure, shed, corral, pen or enclosure within the corporate limits of the city, except:
   (A)   Where such animals are being kept at a licensed stock show, lasting not longer than ten days; and/or
   (B)   Where such animals are kept at a licensed slaughterhouse, recognized stockyard or processing facility where swine or fowl are kept for a period of not more than four days.
   (C)   Keeping near a residence or business restricted. No person shall keep any animal or fowl except cats enumerated in the preceding section to come within 1,060 feet of any residence, place of business, and public street without a permit from the Codes Enforcement Officer. The Codes Enforcement office shall issue a permit only when in his sound judgement the keeping of such animals in a yard of building under the circumstances as set for in the application for the permit will not injuriously effect the public health.
   (D)   Keeping in such a manner as to become a nuisance is prohibited. No animal or foul shall be kept in such a place or condition as to become a nuisance because of either noise, odor, contagious diseases, or other reason.
   (E)   Inspection of premises. For the purpose of making inspections to insure compliance with the provision of this chapter, the Codes Enforcement officer or authorized representative, shall be authorized to enter an any reasonable time, any premises where he has reasonable cause to believe an animal or fowl is being kept in violation of this chapter.
   (F)   Limitations as to number of livestock and or fowl being allowed within the city limits of the City of Etowah. Property owners wishing to maintain livestock and or fowl shall have a minimum of five acres of land with a minimum of 60 feet from any other residence to be allowed to apply for a livestock/fowl permit with the City of Etowah Codes Enforcement Officer.
Number permitted
Dedicated acre per animal
2 acres
2 acres
   (G)   Application for livestock/fowl permit. Application for a livestock/fowl permit can be obtain at the office of the City of Etowah Code Enforcement Officer. There will be no fee for this permit; permitting is for registration and maintenance of property locations and owners.
(1994 Code, § 10-104)  (Ord. 409, passed 2-24-1986; Ord. 425, passed 3-5-1987; Ord. 810, passed 12-18-2017)  Penalty, see § 90.99