Article I
   Article II: Corporate Boundaries
   Article III: Corporate Powers
   Article IV: Elections
   Article V: City Commission
   Article VI: Ordinances
   Article VII: Mayor
   Article VIII: Officers and Employees
   Article IX: City Manager
   Article X: City Attorney
   Article XI: Taxation
   Article XII: Department of Finance
   Article XIII: Taxation and Revenues
   Article XIV: City Bonds
   Article XV: Budget and Appropriations
   Article XVI: Departments Under the City Manager
   Article XVII: Etowah City Board of Education
   Article XVIII: Etowah Utilities Board
   Article XIX: City Court
   Article XX: Construction of this Charter
   Article XXI: Effective Date of this Charter
Editor’s note:
   In 1964 the city of Etowah adopted “home rule” and became a home rule municipality as authorized in article 11, section 9, of the constitution of Tennessee. Ordinance No. 299, which provided for the submission to the voters the question, “Shall this municipality adopt home rule?” was adopted by the board of commissioners on January 2, 1964. On April 6, 1964, at the election for the purpose of determining whether the city voters would ratify home rule, the results were 432 “yes” and 413 “no” votes. From 1964 until 1984 the city continued to operate under its private act charter, Chapter 116, Private Acts of 1909, as amended. On August 2, 1984, the voters of the city, by a vote of 466 to 243, ratified ordinance No. 389 which provided the city with the comprehensive new charter. On August 7, 2014, the voters of the City of Etowah, by a vote of 399 to 125, ratified Ordinance No. 757, which provided the City of Etowah with a new, revised charter which is set out herein. The table of contents is unofficial.