(a)   A porch shall not be altered, enlarged or constructed in a manner so as to provide living accommodations such as are provided in the principal living area of the residential structure (example: living room, bedroom, den, etc.). The only structural work permitted is that necessitated by need of repair.
   (b)   The enclosure shall be primarily to provide a weather barrier for the principal structure and shall consist of clear glass and such metal or wood framing as to provide for structural safety upon completion of installation.
   (c)   The enclosure shall not extend beyond the original porch area, nor shall the enclosure be nearer than the minimum required side yard, nor shall it extend more than ten feet into a required front yard.
   (d)   Installation of the enclosure shall in no way adversely affect the structural strength of the principal building nor shall its removal have any adverse effect.
   (e)   No enclosure shall contain curtains, blinds or other materials that may obstruct vision from adjacent properties.
   (f)   The enclosure shall not be used for other than outside summer living or other than a weather barrier in the winter. Storage therein shall be limited to winter equipment or summer outside furniture.
   (g)   The enclosure shall be no less than sixty percent glass area exclusive of structural framing necessitating safe installation. Wood siding or other materials used for siding are not permitted to exceed a height of thirty-two inches above the porch floor line.
(Ord. 88-113. Passed 3-21-88.)