1385.02  FIRE LIMITS - "AREA B."
   (a)   The following areas shall be designated as Fire Limits "Area B": The "B-1" Neighborhood Business and "B-3" General Business Districts as shown on the present official Zoning Map and as may be amended to extend such districts or other areas that may be rezoned into these classifications.
   (b)   Classification of construction within Industrial Areas ("M-1" Light, "M-2" Heavy) shall be in accordance with the Ohio Building Code, as adopted in Chapter 1301, concerning proposed use and exposure, except that Type V construction is prohibited unless such construction is in compliance with subsection (c) hereof.
   (c)   No new construction, or any remodeling, alterations, additions or repairs affecting more than fifty percent of the building on which work is to be done, shall be less than Type IV construction, except that accessory buildings that are distant at least twenty feet from any other building on the same lot and distant at least twenty feet from every lot line and consisting of not more than 500 square feet in total area, may be of Type V construction or may be a metal building. No flammable, explosive or any other material that may create hazardous conditions shall be stored in a Type V building or in a metal building. A temporary builder's construction building may be of Type V construction and shall be removed when construction work is completed.
(Ord. 4919. Passed 1-20-58.)