1112.01  GENERALLY.
   (a)   The provisions of Section 1112.02 through Section 1112.16, inclusive, shall control the manner in which streets, public utilities, lots and blocks and other physical elements of a subdivision are to be arranged on land.
   (b)   Subdivision design principles and standards shall help insure convenient and safe streets, the creation of usable lots, provision of adequately sized public utility systems and the reservation of land for recreational purposes. The planning of attractive and functional neighborhoods shall be promoted, and the impact that subdivision developments will have on the provision of community facilities and the character of adjoining areas will be evaluated in order to insure the continuation of an orderly and desirable residential community within the City of Elyria, Ohio.
   (c)   The Planning Commission shall consult with the appropriate City staff to insure that all of the design standards are met within any subdivision development.
(Ord. 97-297.  Passed 12-15-97.)