A.   Contents Of Application: Prior to the commencement of any work requiring a certificate of appropriateness, the owner shall file an application for such a certificate with the historic preservation commission. The application shall contain:
      1.   Name, address and telephone number of applicant.
      2.   Location and photographs of property.
      3.   Elevation drawings of proposed changes, if available.
      4.   Perspective drawings, including relationship to adjacent properties, if available.
      5.   Where the proposal includes signs with lettering, a scale drawing showing the type of lettering to be used, all dimensions and colors, a description of materials to be used, method of illumination and a plan showing the sign's location on the property.
      6.   Any other information which the commission may deem necessary in order to visualize the proposed work.
   B.   Building Permit: No building permit shall be issued for such proposed work until a certificate of appropriateness has first been issued by the historic preservation commission. The certificate of appropriateness required by this chapter shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, any building permit that may be required by any other ordinance of the city.
   C.   Commission Action; Hearing: The commission shall approve, deny or approve the permit with modifications within twenty one (21) days from receipt of the completed application. The commission may hold a public hearing on the application at which an opportunity will be provided for proponents and opponents of the application to present their views.
   D.   Commission Decisions: All decisions of the commission shall be in writing. A copy shall be sent to the applicant by registered mail and a copy filed with the city clerk's office for public inspection. The commission's decision shall state the reasons for denying or modifying any application. (Ord. 94-380, 3-28-1994)