A.   Applicability: These landscaping requirements shall apply to:
      1.   All buildings and uses of land constructed or developed after the effective date hereof.
      2.   Existing properties when a change in the distinguishing traits or primary features of the use of a building or land, as evidenced by increased parking requirements, change in outside storage, or other features occurs after the effective date hereof. Use of the building or land shall refer to the primary or specific purpose for which the building or land is occupied, designed, intended or maintained, in all zoned districts.
   B.   Size Of Shrubs: At least fifty percent (50%) of the shrubs required under this section shall be a minimum of five (5) gallons in size upon installation.
   C.   Plants And Trees Of Low Water Consumption: The use of plants characterized by low water consumption which are indigenous to arid regions shall be encouraged to meet the requirements of this section. Use of cactus and/or succulents may be substituted for up to fifty percent (50%) of the required shrubs. Cactus and other desert plants which have a minimum height of six feet (6') upon installation may be substituted for up to fifty percent (50%) of the required trees except for required trees abutting residential properties.
   D.   Barriers To Parking Areas: All landscaped areas adjacent to vehicular parking and access areas shall be protected by permanent barriers or containment, in order to minimize damage by vehicular traffic.
   E.   Undeveloped Street Rights Of Way: Landscaping of adjacent undeveloped street rights of way is required, in addition to the minimum on site requirements.
   F.   Storm Water Retention Basins: Storm water retention basins, if provided, shall be landscaped. Retention basins may be located within the required landscaped areas.
   G.   Undeveloped Area: Any part of the total lot area not developed for buildings, structures, loading and vehicular accessway, streets, parking and utility areas, shall be landscaped.
   H.   Location Of Trees, Plants: Trees as measured from their trunks, shall not be located within ten feet (10') of a street light standard or public sidewalk. Shrubs, as measured from their mature perimeters shall not be located within five feet (5') of a fire hydrant or within ten feet (10') of a vehicular accessway, if the planted or maintained height is greater than three feet (3'). (Ord. 91-357 § 1, 12-9-1991)