The following words and phrases shall, for the purposes of this chapter, have the meanings ascribed to them in this section:
GROUND COVER: Ground cover, where required by this chapter, may be of two (2) types:
   A.   Vegetative (organic) ground cover, consisting of living plant materials characterized by horizontal, as well as vertical, growth, which generally does not exceed eighteen inches (18") in height.
   B.   Organic or inorganic ground cover, which is used to landscape areas not covered with vegetative plantings; which may consist of gravel, decomposed granite, crushed rock, bark chips or other approved materials.
INTERIOR OF PARKING AREAS: Interior of parking areas shall be those areas within or adjacent to any parking, loading or storage area, or adjacent to the building, excluding areas required for perimeter landscaping.
IRRIGATION SYSTEMS: Irrigation systems, where required by this chapter, shall be underground, automatic watering systems, unless otherwise approved. The use of water conserving methods shall be encouraged.
LANDSCAPED AREAS: Landscaped areas may include trees, shrubs, vegetative, organic and inorganic ground cover and other organic and inorganic materials, excluding paving materials for vehicular access, as identified in an approved landscaped plan.
LOW WATER PLANTS: Vegetation chosen from the low water using plants list, appendix V-D, Pinal second management plan.
SHRUBS: Shrubs, where required by this chapter, shall have a minimum mature growth height of eighteen inches (18").
TREES: Trees, where required by this chapter, shall be a minimum of fifteen (15) gallons in size. (Ord. 91-357 § 1, 12-9-1991)