The duties and responsibilities of the director of civil defense shall include the following:
   A.   The promotion, control and direction of the training of civil defense personnel and the public;
   B.   The organization, administration and the execution of all civil defense plans adopted by the city, and the appointment and training of section leaders or aids;
   C.   The maintenance of necessary liaison with other civil defense organizations;
   D.   The marshaling, in the event of an emergency or disaster, of all necessary personnel, equipment and supplies available in the city;
   E.   The issuing of all necessary proclamations as to the existence of an emergency and the immediate operational effectiveness of the civil defense plan;
   F.   The issuing of reasonable rules and regulations which are necessary for the protection of life and property in the city;
   G.   The negotiation and drafting of mutual aid agreements and the execution of all those entered into by the city;
   H.   The procurement and supervision of all necessary supplies and equipment, including and acceptance of private contributions;
   I.   The recommendation of agreements for the use of private property for air raid shelters and other civil defense purposes; and
   J.   The working under the direction of and at the pleasure of the civil defense council. (Ord. 67 § 3, 8-24-1959)