The cemetery committee shall have the following powers and duties:
   A.   To assume complete charge and control of municipal cemeteries.
   B.   To lay out, plat, design, beautify, and, in general, to develop municipal cemeteries, to the end that the same shall become an adequate and suitable burial ground for the citizens of the city.
   C.   To make such rules and regulations regarding burials, maintenance of lots, monuments, construction of streets and ways, planting of grass and shrubbery, conduct of persons on the cemetery grounds, and such other rules and regulations as may be necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of municipal cemeteries.
   D.   To receive and disburse all monies received from all sources for the maintenance, operation and upkeep of municipal cemeteries, subject to the provisions more fully set forth herein.
   E.   To do all things that may be necessary for the betterment of municipal cemeteries. (Ord. 53 § 4, 5-14-1956; Ord. 96-420, 6-10-1996)