A.   Creation; Membership: There is created a committee to be known as the Eloy cemetery committee. Said committee shall consist of seven (7) members as follows: three (3) members shall be citizens appointed by a majority vote of the city council; three (3) members shall be members of the city council appointed by majority vote of the city council at the first regular meeting of the city council subsequent to the mayor and city council elections; and one member shall be the city clerk, who shall act as the executive secretary of the cemetery committee, and who shall, on behalf of the committee, execute all necessary instruments and documents.
   B.   Residency Requirement: To be eligible for appointment, all citizen members must have resided in the city for at least six (6) months prior to appointment. Furthermore, said members must maintain residency for the duration of the term to which the member has been appointed. (Ord. 53 § 1, 5-14-1956; Ord. 96-240, 6-10-1996)