A.   State, Federal License Or Permit Required: No wild animal shall be kept by any person except with the applicable state and/or federal license or permit and in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes section 17-301 et seq., and the compendium of the animal rabies control adopted by the Arizona state veterinarian. All animals permitted under the above exceptions must be authorized and in compliance with this code including, but not limited to, the Eloy zoning ordinance.
   B.   Certain Animals Prohibited: Any wild animal not permitted under state or federal law or regulation shall not be kept within the city limits of Eloy.
   C.   Owner Responsibility When Animal Bites Person: The owner of any wild animal which bites any person shall immediately notify the animal control officer so that the animal control officer can undertake measures described in section 4-5 of this chapter.
   D.   Cooperation With Fish And Wildlife Service: The Eloy animal control officer shall cooperate with the fish and wildlife service in control and destruction of predatory and noxious animals injurious to livestock, poultry, game, agriculture, other industries and the public health in accordance with organized and systematic plans of the fish and wildlife service. In cooperation with the fish and wildlife service, the city may also enter into cooperative agreements with other governmental agencies and counties of the state to promote the control and destruction of predatory and noxious animals. (Ord. 05-590, 5-23-2005)