4-15: KENNELS:
   A.   Kennel Permit Required; Compliance With Zoning Regulations: Any person(s) or group of persons operating a kennel shall obtain a kennel permit from the animal control department. All zoning requirements shall be met as set forth in the city of Eloy zoning ordinance.
   B.   Permit Fee; Term: The fee for a kennel permit shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00), renewable annually upon review and approval by the Eloy animal control department.
   C.   Application For Permit: The application for a kennel permit shall be submitted to the animal control department. Final approval of the kennel permit application from the animal control department shall not be forthcoming without the preclearance and recommendations of the Eloy planning and zoning and building departments.
   D.   Permittee Requirements: The permittee shall comply with:
      1.   All health regulations and statutes including, but not limited to, those addressing the elimination of excessive noise from animals and offensive odors; and
      2.   All regulations and statutes addressing the safety and welfare of animals; and
      3.   All regulations and statutes addressing the safety and welfare of the general public.
   E.   Register Of Boarded Animals: Permittee shall retain a register containing the name, address and telephone number of the owner of each boarded animal and the license number of each animal. This register must be exhibited to the Eloy animal control department upon request.
   F.   Record Of Persons Providing Animals To Kennel: Permittee shall retain name and address of each person selling, trading or giving any animal to the kennel.
   G.   Isolation Ward For Sick Animals: Permittee shall provide an isolation ward for sick animals, sufficiently removed so as not to endanger the health of other animals.
   H.   Notify Owners Of Problems With Animals: Permittee shall notify the owner of a boarded animal when the animal refuses to eat or drink, causing it to lose weight, or when the animal is injured, or becomes weak or ill.
   I.   Confinement Requirements: The confinement requirements for a kennel shall include:
      1.   An immediate confinement area for the animals, constructed in such a manner as to ensure the health and safety of the animals at all times.
      2.   An exterior fenced perimeter of the kennel area, constructed in such a manner as to ensure containment of the animals at all times.
   J.   Noncompliance; Permit Revocation: Noncompliance with this section may result in revocation of the kennel permit in addition to any other civil remedies and/or criminal penalties. (Ord. 05-590, 5-23-2005)