A.   Care And Maintenance; Disposition Of Animals: All animals impounded shall be given proper care and maintenance. Except as specified in subsection 4-7D of this chapter, each nonbiting animal impounded shall be kept and maintained at the City shelter for a minimum of seventy two (72) hours unless claimed by the owner. Dogs, cats and other animals that have bitten a person shall be impounded for the length of time specified in section 4-5 of this chapter and sections and laws referred to therein. Any person may adopt a nonbiting impounded animal which has no known owner upon expiration of the impoundment period, provided such person pays all shelter fees established by the City and complies with the licensing and vaccination provisions of this chapter. The Animal Control Department may waive impound fees on adoptions. The animal control officer may destroy a nonbiting impounded sick or injured animal whenever such destruction is necessary or to prevent such animal from suffering or to prevent the spread of disease.
   B.   Redemption Of Nonbiting Impounded Dogs: Any nonbiting impounded licensed dog may be reclaimed by its owner; provided, that the person reclaiming the animal furnishes proof of his/her right to do so and pays all shelter fees established by the City. If the nonbiting impounded licensed dog is not reclaimed within the impoundment period, the animal control officer shall take possession and may place it up for adoption or may dispose of the animal. The animal control officer shall make a reasonable effort to contact the owner.
   C.   Fees; Payment To City:
1. Impounding any animal - 1st day
$15.00 plus $50.00 (State mandated fee - when applicable 1 )
2. Impounding additional days
$5.00 per day
3. Quarantine
$60.00 plus $50.00 (State mandated fee - when applicable 2 )
4. Quarantine with rabies vaccination
$70.00 plus $50.00 (State mandated fee - when applicable 3 )
5. Rabies vaccination prior to release
6. Euthanasia of owned animal
7. City animal license:
Replacement license
   D.   Adoption; Sterilization: Adoption of dogs or cats from the City shelter shall be in compliance with the sterilization requirements of Arizona Revised Statutes section 11-1022. Adoption fees may consist of the payment of the impound fees, keeping fees and the cost of spaying and neutering. The Animal Control Department may waive fees associated with the adoption of animals.
   E.   Removal Of Impounded Animals: No person may unlawfully remove or attempt to remove any animal which has been impounded or which is in the possession of the animal control officer pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
   F.   Payment Of Veterinary Costs: Cost for any reasonable veterinary services as determined by the Animal Control Department shall be included in the impound or shelter fees the owner of an animal shall pay in order to reclaim the animal from the animal control officer. (Ord. 05-590, 5-23-2005; Ord. 18-883, 12-10-2018)



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