A.   Confinement: The owner, or other person acting for the owner of a dog shall at all times keep such dog from being or running at large in the city of Eloy. While a dog is on the property of the owner, or person acting for the owner, such dog shall be confined within the boundaries of said property by a suitable enclosure. If no suitable enclosure is available, the dog shall be restrained by leash, cord, rope, or chain of not less than ten feet (10') in length, while keeping the dog confined within the boundaries of the property, and of sufficient strength to control the actions of the dog.
   B.   Restraining By Leash: No person who is the owner or who has the responsibility, charge, care, custody or control of any dog shall permit such an animal to go off of the owner's property or to go into a public park or upon any public property unless the animal is physically restrained by a leash, chain, or rope sufficiently strong enough to restrain the animal and not to exceed six feet (6') in length and unless the animal is directly under the owner or responsible person's control while on the restraining device.
   C.   Exceptions: The following circumstances constitute exceptions to the prohibitions contained in subsections A and B of this section:
      1.   A dog may participate in field trials, obedience classes, or kennel club events where such trials, classes or events have been approved by the animal control officer.
      2.   A dog being used or trained for legal hunting or control of livestock.
      3.   An officially designated law enforcement animal may assist a police officer engaged in lawful police enforcement duties.
      4.   Guide dogs may assist blind, deaf or physically handicapped persons. Such dogs shall be under the direct control of the handicapped individual. (Ord. 05-590, 5-23-2005)