A.   Keeping Livestock Or Poultry: Unless permitted by this code or the zoning regulations of the city, it is unlawful to keep or cause to be kept any horses, mules, cattle, burros, goats, sheep, swine or pigs or livestock, pigeons or poultry within the corporate limits of the city.
   B.   Keeping Pets: "Household pets", as defined in section 4-1 of this chapter, may be kept in the city, but it shall be unlawful to keep, harbor or maintain more than four (4) dogs, cats or combination of the two (2), over the age of eight (8) weeks on any residential property within the city.
   C.   Public Or Private Nuisance Prohibited: The maintaining or keeping of all animals within the city in accordance with this code and applicable regulations shall be allowed only as long as they do not cause, create or contribute to or become a public or private nuisance due to noise any time of the day or night, the presence of flies, mosquitos, insects, vermin, rodent harborage, odors, dust, ponded water, accumulation of manure, garbage, refuse or other obnoxious or putrescible material or for any other like reason.
   D.   Removal Of Manure And Droppings: Manure and droppings shall be removed from yards, pens, stables, cages and other enclosures at least twice weekly and shall be removed from the premises at least twice each week or more frequently as dictated by customary husbandry like health and sanitary conditions due to weather and other circumstances. For the purposes of this provision, "premises" means the lot or parcel of ground upon which the yard, pen, stable, cage or other enclosure is located. Spillage and leftovers from animal feedings shall be disposed of in the same manner as the aforesaid manure and droppings.
   E.   Removal Of Feces From Public Or Private Property: An owner or handler of a household pet, which is required to be leashed or harnessed, shall be required to remove any droppings or feces at the time of discharge when said animal is on public or private property other than that of such owner or handler which such household pet is leashed or harnessed.
   F.   Condition Of Enclosures: All enclosures or other structures used for the purpose of housing, keeping or caring for any animal shall be structurally sound so as to contain such animals safely and securely. (Ord. 05-590, 5-23-2005)