Gasoline Storage Tanks and Pumps
824.01   Testing and inspection required.
824.02   Methods of testing and inspection.
824.03   Testing and inspection by owner; prior notice to Borough.
824.04   Authority of Fire Department to administer tests; costs.
824.05   Issuance of approval certificate.
824.06   Testing and inspection prior to start-up; notice to Borough.
824.07   Noncompliance; repairs and additions.
824.08   Prohibited operations.
824.09   Purpose; declaration of public nuisance.
824.10   Abandoned tanks.
824.99   Penalty.
   Authority to regulate quantities of dangerous and inflammable articles, substances and materials - see Borough Code § 1202(23) (53 P.S. § 46202(23))
   Sale of gasoline in glass containers - see Crimes Code § 7305
   Fuel supply systems in flood hazard areas - see B. & H. 1482.22(m)