TITLE TWO - General Provisions
            Chap. 420.   Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
            Chap. 422.   Adoption of Regulations.
         TITLE FOUR - Public Ways and Traffic Control Devices
            Chap. 440.   Obstructions and Special Uses of Public Ways.
            Chap. 442.   Traffic Control Devices.
            Chap. 444.   Pedestrians.
            Chap. 446.   Snow and Ice Emergencies.
         TITLE SIX - Operation and Vehicles
            Chap. 460.   Operation Generally.
            Chap. 462.   Commercial and Heavy Vehicles.
            Chap. 464.   Pedalcycles. (Repealed)
         TITLE EIGHT - Parking
            Chap. 480.   Parking Generally.
            Chap. 482.   On-Street Metered Parking.
            Chap. 484.   Off-Street Metered Parking.
            Chap. 486.   Off-Street Unmetered Parking.