Parking Generally
480.01   Parking within delineated spaces required.
480.02   Angle parking required on certain streets.
480.03   Parking prohibited at all times at certain locations.
480.04   Parking prohibited at certain times at certain locations.
480.05   Parking prohibited at certain times at certain locations for street cleaning, snow and ice removal and other work.
480.06   Parking limited at certain times at certain locations.
480.07   Special purpose parking zones.
480.08   Handicapped parking spaces; penalty.
480.09   Truck parking time limits in certain locations; unattached trailers; penalty.
480.10   Loading and unloading zones.
480.11   No-stopping zones.
480.12   Parking of vehicles on streets for certain purposes prohibited.
480.13   Parking of unattached trailers and truck-trailers on streets prohibited.
480.99   Penalty.
   Moving stopped or parked vehicle - see Vehicle Code § 3333
   Stopping, standing and parking - see Vehicle Code §§ 3351 et seq.
   Parking of pedalcycles - see Vehicle Code § 3509
   Unattended motor vehicles - see Vehicle Code § 3701
   Abandoned vehicles and cargos - see Vehicle Code §§ 7301 et seq.
   Snow and ice emergencies - see TRAF. 446.02
   Off-street parking and loading - see P. & Z. Ch. 1270
   Parking in fire lanes - see F.P. 1610.04 (BOCA F-311.4)