Building Code and Regulations
   150.001   Building Code adopted
   150.002   Additions and changes to Building Code
   150.003   Building Official
   150.004   Fire limits defined
   150.005   Building regulations in fire limits
   150.006   Wood shingles permitted outside fire limits on dwellings and accessory buildings
   150.007   Building permit required; fee
   150.008   Removal or demolition of building; permit and fee
   150.009   Temporary sanitary facilities required
Plumbing Regulations
   150.025   Plumbing Code adopted
   150.026   Additions, insertions, and changes to Plumbing Code
   150.027   Plumbers; registration; fees
   150.028   Renewals
   150.029   Plumbing Inspector; revocation or denial of registrations
   150.030   Issuance of a permit; inspections
   150.031   Application for permit
Electrical Code
   150.045   Short title
   150.046   Definitions
   150.047   National Electrical Code adopted
   150.048   Wiring to be encased in conduit
   150.049   Number of outlets allowed
   150.050   Service
   150.051   Electrical signs
   150.052   Permit required
   150.053   Fees for permits and inspections
   150.054   Electrical Inspector; revocation; denial of certificates
   150.055   Electricians; registration fees
   150.056   Transfer of registration prohibited
   150.057   Exception
Gas Piping Code
   150.070   Code adopted
   150.071   Purpose and scope
   150.072   Gas fitter’s registration required; fees for inspection permits
   150.073   Bond and insurance
   150.074   Pipe sizing
   150.075   Unvented gas appliances
   150.076   Gas shut off on dangerous piping and appliances
   150.077   Qualified installing agencies
   150.078   Grievances
   150.079   Enforcement, revocation, and denial of registrations
Fuel Gas Code
   150.095   Fuel Gas Code adopted; additions and changes; compliance
   150.096   Permit; inspection; fees
Housing Maintenance Code
   150.110   Adoption of Housing Maintenance Code
Mechanical Code
   150.125   Adoption of Mechanical Code
   150.126   Additions, insertions, and changes
   150.127   Definitions
   150.128   Issuance of a permit; inspections
   150.129   Fees for permits and inspections
   150.130   Mechanical Inspector; revocation or denial of registration
   150.131   Mechanical registrations; fees
   150.132   Transfer of registration prohibited
   150.133   Exception
   150.999   Penalty