(A)   Before any person, firm, or corporation shall install any equipment in the city for the storage, dispensation, or handling of liquefied petroleum gases, such person, firm, or corporation shall first obtain a permit therefor from the Plumbing Inspector of the city. In granting or refusing such permit, the Plumbing Inspector shall take into consideration the proposed location of such equipment and the probable hazards involved by reason of the proposed location thereof and must have the approval of the State Liquefied Petroleum Gas Administrator in conformity with the state laws regulating such approval by the State Liquefied Petroleum Gas Administrator.
   (B)   All liquefied petroleum installations within the city, upon completion, shall be inspected by the Plumbing Inspector and shall not be used by the occupants until approved by the Inspector as complying with this subchapter and the rules and regulations adopted thereby.
   (C)   In reference to § 5 of the city’s natural gas franchise (extension of mains to serve customers) which states that the company shall not be required to extend mains longitudinally on any street more than 100 feet for any individual consumer of natural gas, if a residential consumer is located more than 100 feet from or a commercial consumer is located more than 500 feet from a natural gas main and presents a cost estimate provided by the franchise holder less than 60 days old, to the City Inspector, showing the estimated cost of obtaining natural gas service, the consumer shall be issued a temporary permit to use liquefied petroleum (LP) gas until such time natural gas becomes available. When the natural gas company extends the main to within 100 feet of the residential consumer, or 500 feet of the commercial consumer, the use of LP gas will no longer be permitted by either of the consumers and the consumer shall disconnect from LP gas service and connect to natural gas service.
   (D)   The fee for such permit and inspection shall be as set by the city.
(Prior Code, § 150.096) (Ord. 1131, passed 12-13-1988; Ord. 1155, passed 12-11-1990)