General Regulations
   71.001   Use of roller skates, coasters, and skateboards on roadway
   71.002   Play streets authorized
   71.003   Use of play streets by motor vehicles
   71.004   Opening and closing vehicle door
   71.005   Obstructions to driver’s view; number in front seat
   71.006   Clinging to vehicle
   71.007   Boarding or alighting from moving vehicle
   71.008   Riding outside vehicle compartment
   71.009   Driver’s license required
   71.010   Driving while license suspended; use of false license
   71.011   Permitting unlicensed person to drive
Operating Regulations
   71.025   Driving on laned roadways; marking traffic lanes
   71.026   Driving on divided highways
   71.027   Following too closely
   71.028   Restricted-access roadways
   71.029   Driving through service drives
   71.030   Reckless driving
   71.031   Careless or negligent driving
   71.032   Inattention to driving
   71.033   Unlawful use of a cellular telephone
   71.034   Driving over fire hose
   71.035   Following fire or emergency apparatus
   71.036   Procedure on approach of emergency vehicles
   71.037   Actual physical control of vehicle while intoxicated
   71.038   Driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs; driving while impaired; evidence; penalty
   71.039   Obstructing intersection or crosswalk   
   71.040   Driving on sidewalk prohibited
   71.041   Driving in public parks and other properties restricted
   71.042   Driving on property without permission
   71.043   Starting stopped or parked vehicles
   71.044   Backing of vehicle
   71.045   Driving through safety zone
   71.046   Certain vehicles to stop at all railroad crossings
   71.047   Limited access facility system
Funeral Processions
   71.060   Driving through funeral processions
   71.061   Driving in funeral procession
   71.062   Identification of funeral processions
Certain Vehicles Prohibited
   71.075   Vehicles injurious to streets; metal tires prohibited
   71.076   Obstructive and dangerous vehicles; covering of loads
   71.077   Permit for vehicles with protruding parts on wheels
   71.078   Deposit of glass, nails, or other injurious matter in streets; responsibility to remove after accident
Speed Regulations
   71.090   Speed limits
   71.091   Speed limits on designated state and federal highways
   71.092   Minimum speed
   71.105   Right-of-way at intersections
   71.106   Right-of-way at intersections; vehicles arriving at same time
   71.107   Left turn at intersection
   71.108   Designation of through streets
   71.109   Signs at through streets
   71.110   Determination of stop and yield intersections
   71.111   Vehicles entering stop intersections
   71.112   Vehicle entering yield intersection
   71.113   School zones and crosswalks
   71.114   Emerging from alley or driveway
   71.115   Obstructing intersection or crosswalk
Overtaking and Passing
   71.130   Driving on right side of roadway; exception
   71.131   Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite direction
   71.132   Passing vehicle on left
   71.133   Passing vehicle on right
   71.134   Passing requirements; duty of overtaken vehicle
   71.135   Passing prohibited
   71.136   Designation of no-passing zones
   71.137   School buses; markings; passing regulations
Turning Movements
   71.150   Method of turning generally and at intersections
   71.151   Authority to place turning markers
   71.152   Authority to restrict turning; obedience required
   71.153   Limitations on turning; U-turns
   71.154   Turning or stopping movements; signals required
   71.155   Method of giving hand signals
   71.156   Restriction on turning left into parking space on two-way street
   71.170   Subject to traffic-control signals
   71.171   Right-of-way at crosswalks
   71.172   Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalk
   71.173   Crossing at right angles
   71.174   When pedestrians shall yield
   71.175   Prohibited crossing
   71.176   Obedience to railroad signals
   71.177   Walking along roadway