(a)   Application.  The owner or designated agent shall file an application requesting site plan review with the Zoning Administrator on a special form designed for that purpose. The application shall be accompanied by the appropriate fees as established by the Village of Dimondale and the various agencies having jurisdiction.
   (b)   Site Plan.  Each application for site plan review shall be accompanied by a site plan. The site plan shall consist of a scale drawing of not less than one inch equals forty feet for parcels less than three acres and one inch equals 100 feet for parcels three acres or more. The site plan may also be of a scale acceptable to the Zoning Administrator. Three copies shall be submitted to the Village. The drawing shall also include:
      (1)   North arrow and property dimensions, the date prepared and the name and address of the preparer.
      (2)   Existing and proposed topography at contour levels of not more than two feet and a site drainage plan.
      (3)   Zoning classifications of the subject property and all adjacent properties.
      (4)   Existing public and/or private rights-of-way and easements.
      (5)   Watercourses and water bodies, including surface drainage ways, within 500 feet of the subject property.
      (6)   Accurate location of abutting streets and proposed alignment of streets, drives, and easements serving the development.
      (7)   Accurate location and use of all existing and proposed structures and the intended uses thereof, lot lines, including setbacks from property lines, and dimensions.
      (8)   Location and design of parking areas in compliance with this Zoning Code.
      (9)   Location of water supply, wastewater systems, and all other utilities (existing and proposed).
      (10)   Proposed location of common open spaces and facilities, if applicable.
      (11)   Proposed location of accessory buildings and uses, including signs.
      (12)   Proposed landscape plan and significant existing vegetation.
      (13)   Proposed location of refuse receptacles.
      (14)   Recorded legal description and property tax I.D. number of the subject property.
      (15)   Any other information which the Zoning Administrator or the Planning Commission may reasonably require of the applicant.
(Ord. 99-5.  Passed 7-12-99.)