(a)   Intent. It is the intent of this section to require landscape buffers and screening to reduce negative effects between incompatible land uses; to provide landscaping within parking areas; and to enhance aesthetic qualities, character, privacy, and land values in the Village. Landscape plans shall preserve, to the extent practical, the existing vegetation on the site.
   (b)   Definitions.  As used in this section:
      (1)   Fence.  A fence means any wall (except a retaining wall), screen, partition or similar structure existing on a yard or parcel of land, which structure encloses land, divides land into distinct portions, separates contiguous properties, obstructs the passage of light or air into adjacent land or obstructs the vision of motorists or pedestrians on or near public roads. Barbed wire shall not be considered part of a fence for purposes of determining the height thereof.
      (2)   Landscaping.  Landscaping means an arrangement of elements which may include plant materials such as trees, shrubs, ground covers, perennial and annual plants; landscape elements such as rocks, water features, fences, screens, walls, paving materials, and site lighting; and site furnishings such as benches, drinking fountains, trash receptacles, and planters for aesthetic and functional purposes.
      (3)   Screen.  A screen means a fence, landscaping, berm, or combination thereof that obscures the view from one site to another to a reasonable extent.
      (4)   Buffer.  A buffer means a strip of land or space, including a specified type and amount of planting or structures, which may be required to protect or screen one type of land use from another, or minimize or eliminate conflicts between them. 
(Ord. 99-5.  Passed 7-12-99.)