Special Use Permits
1290.01   Purpose.
1290.02   Permit procedures.
1290.03   Basis for determinations.
1290.04   Amendments.
   Regulation of location of trades, buildings and uses by local authorities - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.581
   Regulation of buildings; authority to zone - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.582
   Regulation of congested areas - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.583
   Uses of land or structures not conforming to ordinances; powers of legislative bodies; acquisition of property - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.583a
   Special use permit application fee - see ADM. 208.01(a)(4)
   Nonconforming uses - see P. & Z. Ch. 1286