In reviewing an application for site plan review, the following standards shall apply:
   (a)   The site shall be developed so as not to impede the normal and orderly development or improvement of surrounding property for uses permitted in this chapter.
   (b)   All buildings or groups of buildings shall be so arranged to permit emergency vehicle access by some practical means to all sites.
   (c)   Every structure or dwelling unit shall have access to a public street, walkway or other area dedicated to common use.
   (d)   Appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure that removal of surface waters will not adversely affect neighboring properties or the Village storm drainage system.
   (e)   Provisions shall be made for the construction of storm sewer facilities, including grading, gutters, piping and treatment of turf, to manage storm water, and to prevent erosion and the formation of dust. Surface water on all paved areas shall be collected at intervals so that it will not obstruct the flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic or create puddles in paved areas.
   (f)   Secondary containment for above-ground areas where regulated hazardous substances are stored or used shall be provided and shall be sufficient to store the substance for the maximum anticipated period of time necessary for the recovery of any released substances.
   (g)   General purpose floor drains shall only be allowed if they are approved by the responsible agency for connection to a public sewer system, an on-site closed holding tank (not a septic system), or regulated through a State of Michigan groundwater discharge permit.
   (h)   State and Federal agency requirements for storage, spill prevention, recordkeeping, emergency response, transport and disposal of hazardous substances shall be met. No discharges to groundwater, including direct and indirect discharges, shall be allowed without permits and approvals.
   (i)   All refuse receptacles shall be screened from casual view from the public rights-of-way and adjoining land uses.
   (j)   All landscape requirements of Section 1296.08 shall be met.
   (k)   The site plan shall meet all requirements of this Zoning Code.
(Ord. 99-5.  Passed 7-12-99.)