Planned Unit Developments
1292.01   Intent.
1292.02   Definitions.
1292.03   Development standards and modifications.
1292.04   Improvements.
1292.05   Application procedure.
1292.06   Preliminary plan; Planning Commission review and approval.
1292.07   Preliminary plan; Council review and approval.
1292.08   Final plan; review and approval.
1292.09   Approval period.
1292.10   Performance guarantee.
1292.11   Amendments to plans.
1292.12   Subdivision requirements.
1292.13   Developer’s fees.
   Regulation of location of trades, buildings and uses by local authorities - see M.C.L.A.  Sec. 125.581
   Regulation of buildings; authority to zone - see M.C.L.A.  Sec. 125.582
   Regulation of congested areas - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.583
   Uses of land or structures not conforming to ordinances; powers of legislative bodies; acquisition of property - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.583a
   Planned Unit Development submittal fee - see ADM. 208.01(a)(4)