Site Plan Review
1296.01   Purpose and intent.
1296.02   Site plan defined.
1296.03   Site plan review requirements.
1296.04   Site plan review coordination.
1296.05   Site plan review procedures.
1296.06   Standards for site plan review approval.
1296.07   Landscape, screening and buffer requirements.
1296.08   General landscape development standards.
1296.09   Conditions of approval.
1296.10   Planning Commission review of Zoning Administrator's decision.
1296.11   Amendments.
1296.12   Appeals.
   Regulation of location of trades, buildings and uses by local authorities - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.581
   Regulation of buildings; authority to zone - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.582
   Regulation of congested areas - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.583
   Uses of land or structures not conforming to ordinances; powers of legislative bodies; acquisition of property - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 125.583a
   Planned unit developments - see P. & Z. Ch. 1292
   Site condominium developments - see P. & Z. Ch. 1298