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   (a)   A peace officer is authorized to remove or cause the removal of a vehicle when the officer arrests a person for a violation of Section 18-62 and the officer is by law required to take the person arrested immediately before a magistrate.
   (b)   A vehicle removed and towed under this section must be kept at a place designated by the chief of police as a city pound location until application for redemption is made by the vehicle owner or the owner’s authorized agent.
   (c)   A vehicle impounded under this section will be released to the vehicle owner or the owner’s authorized agent in accordance with the provisions of Sections 28-4 and 28-5 of this code, after:
      (1)   the city has removed all illegal scrap tires from the impounded vehicle and stored or disposed of them in a manner prescribed by the director; and
      (2)   the vehicle owner or the owner’s authorized agent has paid the following fees to the city:
         (A)   the towing fees required by Section 15D-57 of this code for the tow of a disabled vehicle by an emergency wrecker service;
         (B)   the notification, impoundment, and storage fees required by Section 28-4 of this code for an impounded vehicle; and
         (C)   a disposal fee of $2.50 for each scrap tire removed from the impounded vehicle for disposal by the city. (Ord. 25635)