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   (a)   A person commits an offense if, within the city, he:
      (1)   owns or operates a tire business without a valid tire business license issued under this article; or
      (2)   owns, operates, or permits the operation of a mobile tire repair unit without displaying a valid mobile tire repair unit permit in a visible and conspicuous location on the unit.
   (b)   To obtain a tire business license, a person must submit an application on a form provided for that purpose to the director. The applicant must be the person who will own, control, or operate the tire business. The application must be signed and verified by the applicant and contain all of the following information:
      (1)   The name, mailing address, county of residence, and telephone and facsimile numbers of each owner and operator of the tire business.
      (2)   The physical address and telephone number of the tire business.
      (3)   The approximate number of tires that will be stored on site at the tire business.
      (4)   If the tire business is located in the city of Dallas, the zoning district or districts where the business is located.
      (5)   The tax identification number or tax payer identification number of each owner and operator listed in the license application.
      (6)   A statement that the tire business is in compliance with the requirements of Section 19-34.1 of this code.
      (7)   The number and description of vehicles the applicant proposes to use as mobile tire repair units, including the year, make, model, vehicle identification number, and state license registration number for each vehicle, and proof that each vehicle is in compliance with state requirements for vehicle registration, vehicle inspection, and vehicle financial responsibility.
   (c)   A separate tire business license is required for each separate establishment operated as a tire business. A separate mobile tire repair unit permit is required for each separate vehicle operated as a mobile tire repair unit. Licenses and permits are not transferable between persons, businesses, or vehicles. (Ord. 25635)