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   Upon payment of all fees required by Section 28-4, a vehicle impounded by the police department pursuant to the enforcement of the provisions of this code may be released to the lienholder, or an authorized agent, holding a valid and existing mortgage lien on the vehicle impounded if the mortgage lienholder:
      (1)   furnishes to the police department, for its inspection:
         (A)   the mortgage lien contract, or a certified copy of the contract, specifying that, upon default of the mortgagor, the mortgagee is entitled to possession of the vehicle; and
         (B)   the certificate of title with the lien appearing on it; and
      (2)   furnishes to the police department an affidavit stating that:
         (A)   the mortgage lienholder holds a lien on the impounded vehicle;
         (B)   the mortgagor has defaulted;
         (C)   the mortgage lienholder desires possession and is entitled to possession of the vehicle; and
         (D)   the mortgage lienholder agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the city, its police department, and its employees upon delivery of the vehicle to the mortgage lienholder. (Ord. Nos. 14584; 20448; 21819)