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      (1)   CITY means the city of Dallas, Texas.
      (2)   DIRECTOR means the director of the department designated by the city manager to enforce and administer this article, and includes the director’s authorized representatives.
      (3)   MOBILE TIRE REPAIR BUSINESS means a business that repairs tires at any temporary location, including but not limited to a roadway, alley, parking lot, or residence. The term does not include a business that only changes out or replaces tires, but does not make any repairs to a tire.
      (4)   MOBILE TIRE REPAIR UNIT means any vehicle used in a mobile tire repair business.
      (5)   SCRAP TIRE means a whole tire or any portion of a tire that:
         (A)   can no longer be used for its original intended purpose; or
         (B)   is being held, transported, or processed for disposal or recycling.
      (6)   TIRE BUSINESS means any business or establishment where used tires are collected, repaired, processed, recycled, scrapped, sold, bought, or stored, including but not limited to a mobile tire repair business and a salvage yard.
      (7)   TIRE RECYCLING FACILITY means a state-registered facility that processes, recycles, or conducts energy recovery with scrap tires.
      (8)   VEHICLE means any motorized vehicle and any non-motorized trailer that is or may be attached to a motorized vehicle. If a trailer is attached to a motorized vehicle, both the trailer and the motorized vehicle will be considered as one vehicle. (Ord. 25635)