Sec. 13-5-50.   Permit issuance.
   A permit to take and use water from the City's system and/or permit to discharge sanitary or storm sewage to the City's systems may only be issued under the following conditions:
   (1)   Application. The applicant or his or her agent shall submit a signed, written application for service on a form supplied by the City and presented to the Board of Trustees or its authorized agent and shall contain the following information:
      a.   A description of the premises to be served under the permit by reference to land survey, by designation of lot and block or by other legal description adequate to define the area to be served by convenient references.
      b.   A description of the building or buildings to be constructed and their purpose. If the buildings are to be used for commercial or industrial purposes (any use other than residential), then the applicant shall furnish an estimate of expected peak and average flow loads, with calculations and information as required by the City Engineer.
      c.   An acknowledgement and agreement by the applicant that uses under the permit must be as limited and defined by applicable law and this Code.
      d.   If a use is proposed which could result in high rate service demands, then the City Manager may require that the applicant submit additional information regarding demands or load rates.
      e.   A copy of the system development fees agreement applicable to the property to be served and evidence that no uncured deficiencies are outstanding pursuant to the terms of such system development fees agreement.
   (2)   Payment of capital fees. Prior payment of:
      a.   Water and sewer connection ("tap") fees which are administratively set to cover the cost of service line inspection and tapping by the City, and for any service line installation or materials furnished by the City.
      b.   Standard City water and sewer tap fees, system development fees for the appropriate number of individual buildings or structures. Normally, simultaneous payment for all applicable City fees, including potable water, storm drainage and sanitary sewage, will be required.
   (3)   System development fees agreement. To assure the receipt of water tap fees, sewer tap fees, and system development fees on a predetermined schedule which may be necessary for the City to secure funding for the construction of its regional facilities, the City may require that any owner and/or holder of an interest in more than one (1) acre of real property within the City service area enter into a system development fees purchase agreement with the City prior to the issuance of any permits to connect to the City's facilities. As specified in Section 13-3-20 herein, the City will not issue confirmation of a commitment to serve property with water, irrigation water and/or sewer services unless a system development fees purchase agreement is signed pursuant to this Section.
   (4)   Pre-purchase of system development fees. A developer or owner may pre-purchase system development fees pursuant to an agreement with the City. The rights derived by payment of such fees shall be as set forth in the agreement and as stated on the certificate.
(Ord. 334 §5.5, 2005)