Sec. 2-2-30.   Mayor.
   (a)   The Mayor shall be elected to serve a term of four (4) years. The Mayor shall meet the same qualifications as a Trustee and, in the event of a vacancy in the office of Mayor; such vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as a vacancy in the offices of Trustee, as set forth in Section 2-2-20 above.
   (b)   The Mayor shall preside over the meetings of the Board of Trustees and shall perform such duties as may be required of him or her by statute or ordinance.
   (c)   Insofar as is required by statute and for all ceremonial purposes, the Mayor shall be the executive head of the City. He or she shall be the presiding officer of the Board of Trustees and shall vote when there is a tie.
   (d)   The Mayor shall execute and authenticate by his or her signature such bonds, warrants, contracts and instruments of and concerning the business of the City as the Trustees or any statutes or ordinances may require.
   (e)   Except as may be required by statute, the Mayor shall exercise only such powers as the Trustees shall specifically confer upon him or her.
(Prior code 2-1-2; Ord. 198 §2, 1975; Ord. 347 §1, 2008)