Sec. 2-2-20.   Qualifications and vacancies.
   (a)   Qualifications. Each Trustee shall be a resident of the City and a qualified elector therein. If any Trustee shall move from or become, during the term of his or her office, a nonresident of the City, he or she shall be deemed thereby to have vacated his or her office, upon the adoption by the Board of Trustees of a resolution declaring such vacancy to exist.
   (b)   Vacancies. In case of the death, resignation, vacation or removal for cause of any of the Trustees during his or her term in office, the Board of Trustees, by a majority vote of all remaining members thereof, shall have the power, by appointment, to fill all vacancies in the Board of Trustees or in any other elected office, from the duly qualified electors of the City. The person so appointed shall hold office until the next regular election and until his or her successor is elected and qualified. If the term of the person creating the vacancy was to extend beyond the next regular election, the person elected to fill the vacancy shall be elected for the unexpired term. Where vacancies exist in the offices of Trustee and successors are to be elected at the next election to fill the unexpired terms, the three (3) candidates for Trustee receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to four-year terms, and the candidates receiving the next highest number of votes, in descending order, shall be elected to fill the unexpired terms.
(Prior code 2-2-1; Ord. 198 §3, 1975; Ord. 347 §1, 2008)