Animals may be kept within the City upon compliance with the following requirements:
   A.   All fecal waste shall be removed as necessary from premises and placed in closed flytight containers, at least every three (3) to seven (7) days. The Code Enforcement Officer has the authority to order more frequent removal depending on the number and size of the animals on the property. The contents of the containers shall be removed from the City as necessary to prevent the contents from becoming a nuisance.
   B.   The premises upon which animals are kept shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be subject to inspection at all reasonable hours by the Code Enforcement Officer or the Health Department.
   C.   The premises upon which an animal is kept shall be fenced or the animal tied so that the animal while unattended is securely contained and is not a danger to persons or property.
   D.   Any shelter provided for rabbits or fowl shall contain an area of at least four (4) square feet for each rabbit or fowl. An adequate area outside the shelter must be provided for any rabbits or fowl. The maximum number of rabbits or fowl maintained on a premises shall not exceed ten (10) each of the age of six (6) months or older.
   E.   Variance from the provisions of subsection D of this section, pertaining to the number of rabbits or fowl, shall be considered a nonuse variance as defined in the City's Zoning Code and shall be governed by the procedures set forth in the City's Zoning Code.
   F.   The maximum number of dogs or cats kept on the premises shall not exceed four (4) each after attaining the age of four (4) months, except in properly zoned and licensed kennels. In addition to the maximum number of dogs or cats kept on the premises, a single litter of puppies or kittens aged four (4) months through eight (8) months shall be permitted so long as there is no more than one other litter of puppies or kittens from birth to age four (4) months also kept on the premises.
   G.   Hoofed pets are limited to two (2) per household or dwelling. The maximum number of dogs, cats and hoofed pets in any household or dwelling shall not exceed four (4) total animals. (1968 Code §11-113; Ord. 74-114; 1980 Code; Ord. 87-36; Ord. 91-32; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 03-31; Ord. 03-121; Ord. 07-134; Ord. 14-28)