A.   The City may deny an application for an exotic animal permit if:
      1.   The applicant has made any materially false or misleading statement in the application or has concealed relevant information;
      2.   The applicant has obtained the exotic animal through illegal means;
      3.   The applicant is not qualified to possess an exotic animal, does not have adequate facilities to keep the animal or proposes to keep the animal in an unsuitable location;
      4.   The public health, safety and welfare justifies the denial of the application.
   B.   The City may revoke any exotic animal permit for any reason set forth in subsection A of this section or if the City determines that the exotic animal has become a nuisance or is otherwise in violation of this chapter or any other provision of this Code or State statute.
   C.   The City shall notify in writing any person whose application has been denied or whose permit has been revoked. The notice shall be mailed to the person at the address given in the application for the exotic animal permit and shall state the grounds for denial or revocation. Any person whose application has been denied or permit revoked may not again apply for an exotic animal permit until six (6) months have elapsed from the date of the denial or revocation.
   D.   Any person aggrieved by an action of the City pursuant to this section may appeal the action to the City Council by filing with the City Clerk within ten (10) days after the date of the action a written notice of appeal briefly stating the reasons upon which the appeal is based. The City Clerk shall notify the appealing party, the City and the applicant or permittee if other than the appealing party of the date on which the matter will be heard by the City Council. The applicant may keep the animal pending the outcome of the appeal. (1980 Code; Ord. 91-32; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 03-31)