A.   Existing uses not in conformance with this chapter prior to and up to the date of recodification are declared a legal nonconforming use and may continue to exist without increase in number of animals or type of animal, in violation of subsection 6.7.106D and section 6.7.110 of this article, unless the nonconforming use constitutes a nuisance or is otherwise dangerous to the public health. In that event, the Administrator or the Health Department may initiate and pursue to completion proceedings to abate the nonconforming use pursuant to article 5 of this chapter, or in any other manner as may be provided by law.
   B.   A nonconforming use described in subsection A of this section shall not be a defense to a criminal violation of this chapter, excluding subsection 6.7.106D and section 6.7.110 of this article. (1968 Code §§11-114, 11-143.2; Ord. 74-114; 1980 Code; Ord. 87-36; Ord. 91-32; Ord. 01-42)