ALTERED/UNALTERED: An altered animal is one that has been spayed or neutered (as applicable). An unaltered animal possesses intact sexual organs capable of reproduction.
ANIMAL: Any animal, hoofed or otherwise, including any cat, dog, fowl or rabbit.
ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER: Any law enforcement officer, special officer or authorized agent or representative of the City authorized to enforce this article through article 10 of this chapter.
AT LARGE: Off the premises of the owner or keeper, and not under direct physical restraint.
ATTACK: To bite, gore, or engage in any violent or aggressive physical contact with a person.
CAT: Any member of the feline family, including the domestic cat.
CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Staff member of the City's Code Enforcement Office.
DANGEROUS ANIMAL: Any animal that attacks, threatens to attack or injures any person.
DOG: Any dog, bitch or pup.
ENCLOSURE OF A DANGEROUS ANIMAL: While on the owner's property, a dangerous animal shall be confined indoors or in a securely enclosed and locked pen, structure or fenced area suitable to prevent the animal from escaping.
EXOTIC ANIMAL: Any animal which is not commonly domesticated or which is not common to North America or which, irrespective of geographic origin, is of a wild or predatory nature.
FEED OR FEEDING: To place, deposit, distribute or scatter grain, hay, minerals, salt, or other foods for consumption. Feeding does not include landscape elements.
FOWL: Any fowl, including any chicken, duck, goose, turkey, pigeon or other fowl.
HOOFED ANIMAL: Any hoofed animal, including any cattle, sheep, goat, horse or mule.
HOOFED PET: Any goat weighing less than one hundred (100) pounds at maturity.
IMPOUND; IMPOUNDMENT: The holding of an animal in the animal shelter as required for a violation of article 7, 8, 9, or 10 of this chapter for a period of five (5) days or until release is ordered by a Judge of the Municipal Court. This term does not include the voluntary surrender of an animal to the animal shelter by a private citizen for the purpose of relinquishing ownership.
OWNER OR KEEPER: Any person, firm, corporation, organization, or department possessing, harboring, keeping, having an interest in, or having control or custody, either permanently or temporarily, of an animal.
PET: Any domesticated or wild animal which is fed, harbored or allowed to remain at or in the vicinity of a residence in the City by any person, excluding:
   A.   Any hoofed animal other than a hoofed pet;
   B.   Any animal held for sale by a dealer in animals;
   C.   Any animal in a zoo, exhibition or fair authorized by the City; and
   D.   Any animal which is held for use in bona fide scientific research.
POTBELLIED PIG: A dwarf swine breed weighing less than one hundred (100) pounds.
PROVOKE: To incite, aggravate, tempt, agitate, taunt, tease, torment, or abuse.
ROOSTER OR COCK: Male domestic fowl of the gallinaceous kind, to include peacock and peafowl.
SEVERE INJURY: An injury caused by an animal to any person or domestic animal in which at a minimum the skin is broken, exterior bleeding occurs, or medical treatment by a licensed physician or veterinarian is necessary.
SHELTER: A structure beneath, behind or within which an animal is protected from the weather or any adverse conditions.
THREATEN TO ATTACK: Any obvious attitude of attack to include, but not be limited to, approaching in a menacing fashion such as growling, snapping or charging at a person, or domestic animal on property other than the owner's.
WILDLIFE: Any undomesticated animal species including but not limited to bear, skunks, raccoon, wolf, coyote, fox, deer, elk, moose, or antelope. Wildlife does not include animals raised as livestock, domesticated pets, or birds. (1968 Code §11-112; Ord. 74-114; 1980 Code; Ord. 81-203; Ord. 87-36; Ord. 89-13; Ord. 91-32; Ord. 96-131; Ord. 01-42; Ord. 03-31; Ord. 06-105; Ord. 08-209; Ord. 14-28; Ord. 18-22; Ord. 18-114)