Solid Waste Management
   91.01   Purpose
   91.02   Powers of the town
   91.03   Hours of Collection
   91.04   Definitions
   91.05   Authority to collect; unauthorized collection
   91.06   Use of service required; cancellation of service
   91.07   Responsibility for solid waste and recyclables
   91.08   Types of service
   91.09   Enclosures; right-of-way permits
   91.10   Unobstructed passage in streets and alleys
   91.11   Containers; general requirements
   91.12   Town ownership of town-provided containers
   91.13   Construction and demolition materials
   91.14   Residential collection requirements
   91.15   Automated residential solid waste and recycling collection
   91.16   Residential bulk waste and brush collection
   91.17   Roll-off container collection service
   91.18   Commercial collection requirements
   91.19   Prohibited substances, unacceptable materials or prohibited materials
   91.20   Prohibited acts
   91.21   Enforcement authority
   91.22   Collection vehicle requirements
   91.23   Container requirements
   91.24   Seizure and impoundment of containers
   91.25   Municipal solid waste fees
   91.26   Restrictions on burning
Maintenance of Property
   91.45   Definitions
   91.46   Litter on private property
   91.47   Owner to maintain premises, including sidewalks
   91.48   Procedure to compel
   91.49   Notice to comply
   91.50   Service of notice
   91.51   Appeal to Council
   91.52   Work performed by the town
   91.53   Lien assessment
   91.54   Placement of debris
Public Health
   91.65   Nauseous, foul or offensive conditions prohibited
   91.66   Offensive water
   91.67   Premises to be kept properly cleaned and drained
   91.68   Premises to be sanitary; inspection of premises
   91.69   Privy, vault, cesspool or well prohibited
   91.70   Conditions under which flies breed prohibited
   91.71   Pollution of ditches
   91.72   Depositing debris or allowing drainage on public thoroughfares prohibited
   91.99   Penalty