(EDITOR'S NOTE: This Administrative Code was adopted by Ordinance 1-1981, passed January 19, 1981, which Ordinance is the history of all sections not otherwise indicated.)
TITLE ONE - General Provisions
   Chap. 101. Codified Ordinances.
   Chap. 103. Official Standards.
   Chap. 105. Public Records.
   Chap. 107. Public Meetings.
   Chap. 109. City Personal Information Systems.
   Chap. 110. City Property Disposition.
TITLE THREE - Legislative
   Chap. 111. Council.
TITLE FIVE - Administrative
   Chap. 121. Mayor.
   Chap. 123. Department of Finance.
   Chap. 125. Department of Law.
   Chap. 127. Department of Planning and Development.
   Chap. 129. Department of Public Works.
   Chap. 131. Department of Public Safety.
   Chap. 135. Department of Parks and Recreation.
   Chap. 136. Department of Community Services.
   Chap. 137. Civil Service.
   Chap. 139. Employees Generally.
   Chap. 141. Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.
   Chap. 143. Landmark Commission.
   Chap. 144. Administrative Services Commission.
   Chap. 145. Commission on Aging.
   Chap. 147. Advisory Commission for Retired Senior Volunteer Program.
   Chap. 148. Youth Advisory Commission.
   Chap. 149. Community Improvement Awards Committee.
   Chap. 150. Transportation and Environmental Sustainability Committee.
TITLE SEVEN - Judicial
   Chap. 151. Municipal Court.
TITLE NINE - Taxation
   Chap. 155. Admissions Tax.
   Chap. 157. Income Tax.
   Chap. 158. Income Tax Effective January 1, 2016.
   Chap. 159. Motor Vehicle License Tax.
   Chap. 171. Contracts.
   Chap. 173. Bonds and Notes.
   Chap. 175. Assessments.
   Chap. 177. Accounting Funds.
   Chap. 179. Deposit and Investment Procedure.
TITLE THIRTEEN - Domestic Partners
   Chap. 181. Domestic Partnership Registry.
TITLE FIFTEEN - Political Influence
   Chap. 183. Political Influence by Corporate Entities.