TITLE ONE - Standards Adopted
   Chap. 1301. Residential Building Code of Ohio for One, Two and Three-Family Dwellings.
   Chap. 1303. Ohio Building Code (OBC).
TITLE THREE - Local Provisions
   Chap. 1311. Administration, Fees and Penalty.
   Chap. 1313. Architectural Board of Review.
   Chap. 1315. Board of Building Code Appeals.
   Chap. 1317. Registration of Contractors.
   Chap. 1321. Fences.
   Chap. 1323. Signs.
   Chap. 1325. Awnings and Tents.
   Chap. 1327. Moving Buildings.
   Chap. 1329. Point of Sale Inspection.
   Chap. 1333. Exterior Paint Removal and Surface Cleaning.
   Chap. 1334. Erosion and Sediment Control.
   Chap. 1335. Stormwater Management.
   Chap. 1336. Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Control.
   Chap. 1337. Flood Damage Reduction.
TITLE FIVE - Housing Code
   Chap. 1341. Definitions.
   Chap. 1343. Purpose and Scope.
   Chap. 1345. Enforcement and Penalty.
   Chap. 1347. Certificate of Occupancy and Lead-Safe Certification.
   Chap. 1349. Certificate of Authorized Occupancy. (Repealed)
   Chap. 1351. Basic Standards for Residential Occupancy.
   Chap. 1353. Additional Standards for Multiple Dwellings.
   Appendix    Housing Schedules.
TITLE SEVEN - Business Maintenance Code
   Chap. 1361. Definitions.
   Chap. 1363. Purpose and Scope.
   Chap. 1365. Enforcement and Penalty.
   Chap. 1367. Certificate of Business Occupancy.
   Chap. 1369. Basic Standards for Business Occupancy.
   Chap. 1371. Abandoned or Inoperative Gasoline Service Stations.
(EDITOR'S NOTE: This Building and Housing Code was adopted by Ordinance 9-1973, passed February 5, 1973, which Ordinance is the history of all sections not otherwise indicated.)