§ 365.03 Rental Registration Fee
   (a)   An application for a certificate of rental registration shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable rental registration fee of seventy dollars ($70.00) for each residential rental unit.
   (b)   No fee shall be charged for a unit occupied by the owner or for a unit for which the owner does not receive rent or anything else of value. The Director shall establish guidelines for fee exemptions.
   (c)   No fees shall be collected from any one (1) owner for all units owned by that owner within the City in excess of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00) per calendar year.
   (d)   A certificate may be renewed prior to expiration upon application and payment of the fee described above. A certificate that has expired may be renewed upon payment of the above registration fee plus a late fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00).
(Ord. No. 747-2019. Passed 7-24-19, eff. 7-26-19)