§ 367.07  Placards Posted by the Department of Building and Housing and the Division of Fire
   (a)   Whenever the Director of Building and Housing orders a dwelling structure or premises to be vacated or condemned under these Codified Ordinances, he or she shall cause to be posted at each entrance to the structure or premises a placard which may state. “THIS BUILDING IS IN A DANGEROUS CONDITION AND HAS BEEN CONDEMNED AND ITS USE HAS BEEN PROHIBITED BY THE DIRECTOR OF BUILDING AND HOUSING.”
   (b)   Whenever the Fire Chief finds a vacant dwelling structure or premises to be declared condemned or it is found to be unsafe under the provisions authority, and procedures of any of these Codified Ordinances he or she may cause to be posted placards on the front of the structure or premises which comply with the following placarding requirements:
      (1)   Placard Location. Placards shall be applied on the front of the structure and be visible from the street. Additional placards may be applied to the side of each entrance to the structure and on penthouses.
      (2)   Placard Size and Color. Placards shall be twenty-four (24) inches by twenty-four (24) inches (six hundred ten (610) mm by six hundred ten (610) mm) in size with a red background, white reflective stripes and a white reflective border. The stripes and border shall have a two (2) inch (fifty-one (51) mm) stroke.
      (3)   Placard Date. Placards shall bear the date of their application to the building and the date of the most recent inspection.
      (4)   Placard Symbols. The design of the placards shall use symbols designated by the Fire Chief or his or her designee to indicate each of the following:
         A.   That the structure had normal structural conditions at the time of marking;
         B.   That the structural or interior hazards exist and interior fire-fighting or rescue operations should be conducted with extreme caution;
         C.   That structural or interior hazard exist to a degree that consideration should be given to limit fire fighting to exterior operations only, with entry only occurring for known life hazards.
      (5)   Additional detail may be posted on the placard if determined necessary by the Fire Chief.
      (6)   Informational Use. The use of these symbols and any additional detail shall be informational only and shall not in any way limit the discretion of the Fire Chief or his or her on-scene Officer in Charge.
   (c)   No person shall enter or use any structure or premises which have been placarded under this section except for the purpose of making the required repairs or demolishing the structure or premises.
   (d)   No person shall deface or remove any placard posted under this section until written permission is given by the Director of Building and Housing or the Fire Chief, whoever posted the placard, that the repairs have been completed or demolition is complete or the building is safe.
(Ord. No. 1075-09. Passed 8-5-09, eff. 8-13-09)