§ 73  Vacancy in Office of Mayor; Acting Mayor
   If the office of Mayor is vacant by reason of non- election, death, resignation, removal from office in any way except by recall election, removal of residence from the City, or from any other cause whatsoever, and such vacancy occurs more than one year before the next regular municipal election to be held for the office of Mayor, such vacancy shall be filled by special municipal elections. The aforesaid special municipal elections shall be held on the first Tuesday after sixty days from the day on which the vacancy first occurs, at which time the nonpartisan primary election shall be held, and on the fifth Tuesday following the said nonpartisan primary election, at which time the final special municipal election shall be held, and all the provisions in this Charter contained as to nomination and election of candidates for Mayor at regular municipal elections shall apply to the said special municipal elections. The person so elected as Mayor at the said special municipal elections shall assume the office immediately upon his election and qualification and shall serve until his successor is elected and qualified. During the existence of such vacancy in the office of Mayor, pending the time the said vacancy is filled by special municipal elections, the duties of the office of Mayor shall be discharged by the head of one of the departments provided for in this Charter under the title of Acting Mayor; provided, however, that if the vacancy occurs at a time when special municipal elections are not authorized in this section, then the said head of one of the departments shall succeed to the office of the Mayor and be Mayor until his successor is elected and qualified. In either of the above cases the order of succession as Acting Mayor or as Mayor shall be as follows: Director of Law, Director of Finance and Director of Public Utilities.
   If the Mayor, or the person performing the duties of Mayor under the title Acting Mayor be temporarily absent from the City, or becomes temporarily disabled from any cause, his duties shall be performed during such absence or disability by the head of one of the aforesaid departments in the above order, and under the title of Acting Mayor.
(Effective November 4, 1980)