§ 575.04  Collectors of Wharfage; License; Bond
   The Director of Port Control shall annually, on or before the first Monday in March of each year, advertise for two (2) weeks in two (2) daily papers of the City for bids of cash, to be paid in advance for the right to collect wharfage upon any or all of the public landings of the City, which bids shall be reported to Council without unnecessary delay. The Commissioner of Assessments and Licenses, upon payment to him or her of the amount bid, shall issue to any person to whom award has been made, a license to collect wharfage upon such public landings as may have been awarded to such person, the license to expire on the first Monday in April next following. Any person so licensed shall give a bond with sufficient security, to keep such landings in as good repair as when he or she took control of them, the natural wear and decay of the landings excepted.
(Ord. No. 1484-54. Passed 6-21-54, eff. 6-29-54)