§ 575.02  Restrictions and Charges for Use of Public Landings
   All goods or other property hereafter landed from any steamboat, canal boat, vessel or other watercraft, or unloaded or deposited from any dray, cart or wagon, or other vehicle, upon the public landings, docks or wharves of the City at the foot of the streets or elsewhere, shall be subject and liable to charges as fixed by the Director of Public Service. No person shall remove any property landed or deposited without permission of the Harbor Master, before paying the aforesaid dock charges. No vessel shall be permitted to lie at any of the public landings, docks or wharves of the City for a longer period than three (3) hours, unless by permission of the Harbor Master. At the option of the Harbor Master the payment of one dollar ($1.00) per hour after the period heretofore mentioned may be collected from the owner or person in charge of such vessel.