Official Newspaper
   31.01   Official newspaper designated
City Map And Boundary Survey
   31.10   Official city map required
Abandoned, Seized, and Surplus Property
   31.20   Disposition of abandoned, seized, or recovered personal property
   31.21   Disposition of surplus property
   31.22   Proceeds credited to general fund
   31.23   Worthless property
   31.24   Disposition of controlled substances
   31.25   Abandoned, stolen and recovered firearms and weapons
   31.26   Disposition of seized weapons
   31.27   Deposit of money pending disposition of charges
Equal Opportunity Policy
   31.40   Nondiscrimination policy
   31.41   Contractor Locality Section 3 Plan adopted
Identification Of City Vehicles And Equipment
   31.50   City vehicles to be marked
Copying Charges For Public Records
   31.60   Fee for copying authorized
Claims For Damages
   31.70   City not liable for claim for damages
Emergency Actions By Officers Of The City
   31.80   Emergency actions authorized; city not liable
Municipal Memberships
   31.90   Membership in North Central Texas Council of Governments
   31.91   Membership in Texas Municipal League
Incorporation Of State Law
   31.100   Incorporation of Local Government Code
Drug Free Workplace Policy
   31.110   Purpose
   31.111   Scope
   31.112   Policy
   31.113   Practice
Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures Policy
   31.120   Policy
   31.121   Purpose
   31.122   Scope
   31.123   Definitions
   31.124   Employment positions subject to testing
   31.125   Applicant procedures and notification
   31.126   Employee procedure and notification
   31.127   Responsibilities