17-12-0100  Purpose.
   17-12-0101The sign regulations of this chapter are intended to balance the public interest – in promoting a safe, well-maintained and attractive city – with the interests of businesses, organizations and individuals in ensuring the ability to identify and advertise products, services and ideas, and with the interests of the city and other units of government in communicating public service and emergency messages on a city-wide basis in a coordinated and timely manner through an integrated network of city digital signs. The regulations have the following specific objectives:
      17-12-0101-A to ensure that signs are designed, constructed, installed and maintained in a way that protects life, health, property and the public welfare;
      17-12-0101-B to allow signs as a means of communication, while at the same time avoiding nuisances to nearby properties;
      17-12-0101-C to support the desired character of various neighborhoods and zoning districts and promote an attractive visual environment;
      17-12-0101-Dto allow for adequate and effective signs, while preventing signs from dominating the appearance of the area;
      17-12-0101-E to ensure that the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech is protected; and
      17-12-0101-F to enable the city to establish an integrated network of city digital signs.
   17-12-0102The regulations allow for a variety of sign types and sizes, based on zoning and lot sizes and requirements needed to establish an integrated network of city digital signs. They do not necessarily ensure every property owner or business owner's desired level of visibility.
(Added Coun. J. 5-26-04, p. 25275; Amend Coun. J. 12-12-12, p. 44485, § 6)