17-6-0300  T, Transportation District.
   17-6-0301 Purpose and Applicability. The “T”, Transportation zoning district is intended to preserve, protect and enhance road, rail and other important transportation corridors and to ensure public review of proposals to convert such corridors to non- transportation use.
   17-6-0302 Establishment. “T” zoning may be established or changed to another classification only in accordance with the Zoning Map Amendment procedures of Sec. 17-13-0300. Lands included in the T district must be identified with the map symbol “T”.
   17-6-0303 Allowed Uses.
      17-6-0303-A Uses Permitted By-right. Only the following uses are allowed by-right in the T district:
         1.   Roads,
         2.   Commuter and freight rail lines and activities directly related to the provision of commuter or freight rail service;
         3.   Bus ways;
         4.   Pedestrian and bicycle trails;
         5.   Minor utilities;
         6.   Customary and incidental accessory uses to any of the uses described above, as determined by the Zoning Administrator.
      17-6-0303-B Other Uses. Only those uses listed in Sec. 17-6-0303-A are allowed in the T district. Land within a T district may be put to another use only after rezoning to a base zoning district classification that allows such use, following the Zoning Map Amendment procedures of Sec. 17-13-0300.
   17-6-0304 Buildings and Structures. The only permanent buildings or structures allowed in a T district are those directly and customarily related to uses allowed under Sec. 17-6-0303. Buildings in the T district may not exceed a floor area ratio of 1.5.
(Added Coun. J. 5-26-04, p. 25275)